Stumbling Through the Snow?

Schedule snow removal services to clear your path in Hannibal, MO

Let's be honest: a blanket of snow around your property might be beautiful, but it isn't easy to navigate. In order to check your mailbox, you have to shovel a path or risk slipping. If you want to drive somewhere, you're tasked with removing the snow from your driveway first.

Nate's Auto & Tire can help you. We provide snow removal services on residential property in Hannibal, MO. Count on us to uncover your:

  • Walkway
  • Accessibility ramp
  • Sidewalk

After snow removal services, you'll be able to move freely again. You won't have to spend your time shoveling snow while slush cakes onto your boots.

Need to clear your driveway?

Need to clear your driveway?

You can rely on us to free your driveway from piled snow. We're fully equipped for whatever the job takes, including snow plowing. Call 573-719-3020 to arrange for snow plowing services right away. Snow plowing will give you the maneuvering room and the relief you need.